Disneyland Haunted Mansion Inspired Halloween Party Decorations

http://hollywoodhaunter.com We visit a Halloween Party that is decked out with awesome Disneyland Haunted Mansion themed decorations. This video shares lots of great ideas for Halloween props and decorations that are kid friendly and great for the whole family. If you are a fan of Disneyland you will love this decor. We also get a few good inside looks at the inner workings of this haunted attraction.


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23 Replies to “Disneyland Haunted Mansion Inspired Halloween Party Decorations”
  1. Before they started fingerprint entry, I used to get off the doom buggies in D-land and in WDW, I've literally been from the catwalks to beneath the graveyard. It was a blast for some theatre tech students!! I would never do it today because if caught you Will be banned for life…

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