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➡️ Looped In Hell
➡️ 2 Hours Lost
➡️ Humdrum
➡️ Purchase Worthy
➡️ Trapped on an Island

* ➡️ Unicorn

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  1. YES! Finally I've been waiting since Resurrection for sequel!!!
    I swear if this some how ends up being worse than Resurrection… I refuse to live on the same planet as the franchise… Halloween: Resurrection & Halloween 5 were enough! No more!
    But ya I guess I am excited!
    My hopes are extremely high but….. one can only hope for it to exceed them

  2. And forgot to mention I also own that Michael Myers figure in 2007 and still have it its an awesome figure to own, I feel this movie coming out in October would definitely be a grossing box office hit cause the film sound like its gonna be a great Halloween film to the original I'm so excited when it comes out can't wait.

  3. I Love the Halloween series its my second 2 favorite franchise next to 3 Nightmare Elm St and 1 Friday The 13 but what a nice collection Drumdum its really kick fucking ass, I hope the new Halloween movie is not disappointing, I own some of them on VHS, DVD, And the sweet fucking awesome Blu ray set and love this video of your Halloween collection awesome.

  4. I got the Halloween nightdance comic book series with the variant covers love them to death plus I got some other Halloween comics that deal with Michael Myers as the shape. the first death of Laurie Strode series you ever read those stories check them out

  5. Beyond excited! Everything I have heard so far has been great. Plus it can't be worse than Rob Zombie's Halloween movies. As far as domestic gross I think it will gross around 60-90 million. Opening weekend 20-25 million.

  6. Great video brother. I am so excited for the new Halloween film. I think the film is going to do gang busters business. Also, I agree with you 100 percent when it comes to people selling their box sets. If you don’t need the money do not part with it. That signed pop is magnificent

  7. Now, I am finally have true excitement. I am openly saying that I haven’t been a halloween fan for decades, only a couple years honestly, so I am not one of those maasive fans that have stuck with this series for many years, but once I started falling in love with horror movies (i have always like horror in a way but I never really became an actual fan until a couple years ago), I watch all these movies and loved Michael Myers. His character is so intriguing and mysterious, even with movies that try to openly explain why he kills, he will always naturally have that awesome feel to him when he is always covered with his mask and we hear his heavy breathing. I love (or at least like) all the halloween movies 1-10 , and this will be my first time getting to see a halloween movie in theaters. Also, even when Im not checking online for updates, a notification from your channel appears and it gets me more excited when I see the title such as for this video. Thanks and please keep the updates coming

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