Halloween Horror Nights 2015 Update #8

This update contains info for both Hollywood and Orlando (but mostly Hollywood)


Author: khangee12

Halloween horror nights theme

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12 Replies to “Halloween Horror Nights 2015 Update #8”
  1. Awesome video man. A lot of information to take in but not really bummed about Freddy vs Jason. I also saw that tweet from Mr. Murdy about the building he passes by everyday and I was thinking maybe the Psycho House?? Maybe? of course music by Slash. I think you maybe spot on, on your prediction mazes. For sure AHS, and Holloween and of course for sure Insidious. But i dont know why but i think that we may get stuck with a maze or terror tram based on Scream. I dont know why man but i have a bad feeling that something like this will happen. Anyways hopefully this week we get the first announcement and we at least know about one for sure maze. Great job on the video man. Always enjoy watching.

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